Rockstar Reveals Why GTA4 Was Pulled From Steam

Rockstar Reveals Why GTA4 Was Pulled From Steam

In a weird and sudden move last week, many Steam users reported that Grand Theft Auto 4 had been taken down from Steam. The game had been delisted, with no warning, from Steam or publishers Rockstar.

The above link features many users pondering why GTA4 was removed in the absence of an explanation. Issues such as music licenses being revoked or maybe a remaster were thrown around. Sadly, the real reason is nowhere near as exciting.

Speaking to USgamer, Rockstar stated that they were forced to withdraw GTA4 from Steam as they were;

“…no longer possible to generate the additional keys needed to continue selling the current version of the game”.

This may sound like a cop-out of an excuse, but its actually not Rockstar’s fault. The primary reason behind them no longer being able to provide keys for GTA4 is because of the now-defunct Games for Windows Live programme. The one-time Microsoft service, which was heavily used to support GTA4’s Steam presence, had been cancelled back in 2013.

As to why it’s only just been removed from Steam is another story. For anyone missing out on their GTA-flavoured PC gameplay, Rockstar does have their own PC game launcher available. How, as of time of press, GTA4 is as yet currently unavailable on the launcher.

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