Rockstar Reportedly Shelf Red Dead Redemption/Grand Theft Auto IV Remasters

Rockstar Reportedly Shelf Red Dead Redemption/Grand Theft Auto IV Remasters

Rockstar has, apparently, shelved work on remasters of Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto IV.

The news made the rounds on Monday when noted Rockstar insider, TezFunz2 tweeted;

“As per a reliable source with clear accuracy on Rockstar plans, remasters of GTA IV & RDR1 were on the table a few years ago, but Rockstar chose not to proceed with the projects in mind.

The poor reception of the Trilogy DE [the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy – Definitive Edition] might be a reason behind that decision”.

Now, it should be noted that Tez is not officially connected with Rockstar. Therefore this tweet is merely speculative.

However, a Kotaku report adds a second level of credibility to proceedings.

As per Kotaku;

“Kotaku can confirm via its sources that Rockstar Games is currently focused on developing Grand Theft Auto 6, and has shelved all remakes following the poor reception of … Trilogy DE“.

The report corroborated Tez’s tweet directly, saying;

“While some questioned [if the tweet] was true, I can confirm that Tez’s tweet is accurate and lines up with what I’ve been told”.

The Kotaku article goes on to state;

“…[Rockstar] is hoping that folks will forget all about the critically panned and botched classic GTA remasters released last year while it focuses most of its resources and energy on its next big game, Grand Theft Auto 6.

However, while the current plan is to get Grand Theft Auto 6 finished and out the door, I’m told a Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV remaster aren’t entirely “out of scope” and could still happen in the future, after GTA 6 ships”.

Again, the Kotaku reporter, much like with Tez, is not officially connected with Rockstar. As such, unless Rockstar issues the statement itself, this news should be treated as unconfirmed.

However, with no fewer than two different sources acknowledging the subject, it might just prove true.