May 19, 2022

Rockstar Makes Alien Suits Free in GTA Online

Are you Team Purple? Or a proud member of the Green Gang? Whichever way you lean, Rockstar has you covered – by making the green and purple alien jumpsuits FREE in GTA Online!

It’s been quite a wild time in GTA Online recently.

With the absence of any major update from Rockstar, players have resorted to their own methods of having fun.

This usually leads to the eternal struggle; innocent grinders like myself being attacked by damn, dirty griefers. And, other times, it leads to an ongoing alien war.

To catch everybody up to speed, there’s currently a faction war going on in GTA Online. On one side, you have the green aliens. These toe-rags gang up on innocent “human” characters. Crowding into various vans and jumping non-suspecting players, the Greens are the perceived “bad-guys”.

The Purple Aliens act as a group of “protectors” of the human players. Well, sometimes. The Purples like to take on the mass of Green Aliens.

Each team has dedicated vehicles in matching colours. When it comes to attacking other players, the Aliens must use melee weapons. As such, pool cues and baseball bats are the key weapons of the war.


Kind of weird when you consider the game’s Up-n-Atomizer, Unholy Hellbringer, and Widowmaker weapons. Side note; Rockstar had a massive discount on these weapons just last week. Clearly adding fuel to the fire.

And, as strange as it all sounds, it’s only made worse when you find out it’s a massive trend on TikTok. Apparently, there are several accounts made based on the ongoing war with plenty of followers.

Normally, the coloured alien bodysuits can be bought from various clothing stores for over $350,000. However, for a short time only, Rockstar is making the two coloured suits free for players.

Which, if you’re still on the fence about joining up, might be the kick you need. Also, one of the aforementioned melee weapons – the pool cue – is also free for a short period of time. Simply head to your nearest Ammunation store to purchase one.

The Battle Will Be GTA-ified

Whether you want to join the Greens, Purples, or stay neutral/join one of the off-shoot factions, the Alien war seems to be heading to what looks like the big finale.

As this Reddit thread suggests, there’s going to be a massive Alien-flavoured meet-up on 15th May. If you’re online and not keen on taking a side right now, maybe steer clear of the game come the 15th.

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Sound off in the comments if you’ve chosen a side – let your GTAlien war flag fly high here on ABG.

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