RKG and The Slugs

RKG and The Slugs

Here at ABG, a fair few of us are self-admitted “Slugs”. It is thanks to the boys at RKG that we have this shared connection. For anyone new to either of these two terms, let me take a moment to enlighten you all.

RKG is a trio of friends (Rory, Krupa, and Gav, get it?) who started doing a small lets-play show on IGN. The show, Prepare To Try (or PTT for short), saw the trio challenge one man who had never played Dark Souls to beat the game before Dark Souls 3 came out. During the playthrough, the other two members would guide and mock him throughout his struggles.

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Prepare to Try: Episode 1

They powered through the first game in due time and it was like lightning in a bottle. Shortly after the completion of the first series, the demand was high to follow it up with more lets-plays. What followed was Dark Souls 3, Bloodbourne, Hitman 2 and a few one-offs of other games.

The Death of Prepare to Try

Naturally, at the end of 2018, fans of PTT were calling for the boys to play the only remaining SoulsBourne game; Dark Souls 2.

Rumors made the rounds online that at the start of the year that they would naturally undertake their final challenge before the recently announced Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice came out. However, on December 22, 2018, a video was uploaded to the PTT Youtube channel titled: “Prepare To Try: The Final Episode”.

The video was all about the boys saying goodbye to the various characters from all the main games they had played. At the end of the video, the boys announced that they were leaving their jobs at IGN and starting their own company, RKG.

Their commitment was to their quality of product delivered and, more importantly, their community of fans. The team decided it was time to leave due to the requirements of their jobs, thus having to work overtime just to work on PTT.

These fans, who refer to themselves affectionately as “Slugs”, lovingly migrated in support.

Birth of RKG

The boys immediately launched a successful Patreon. To date; they have 2,767 Patrons bringing them in over $31,000 per month in support. Community funded and on their own time, they have been going strong ever since.

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RKG’s first announced video series would be, the long-awaited Dark Souls 2. Their staple show now being rebranded as “Retry”, the series lasted through most of 2019. The group followed their year up with the Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Their most popular hit to date has been a video where they try to beat 17 bosses in Dark Souls Remastered (on the Nintendo Switch) on a transatlantic aeroplane ride. They did this on a ten-hour flight from Los Angeles back home to London.

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Can We Beat Dark Souls on a Transatlantic Flight? by RKG

Now marks the beginning of a new chapter as they begin FromSoft’s latest, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

They had quite a bit of interest in their horror content. After that, horror series, Spookies was created. They live-stream almost every Wednesday and even do a weekly podcast. In their podcast, called Shield Up, they answer questions fielded to them from their community.

As the Fire fades…

Anyone looking for their original content from Prepare To Try can look for it here. If you are looking to stay current with RKG, you can follow them on their YouTube page here. Or their Twitter as well.

ABG’s Editors, looking for help, recently took to the RKG/PTT Facebook page “Myself” and plenty of others have answered the call of a fellow Slug. For more of us to share more in our love for video games and similar content. So if you see another Slug out there, raise your Ronie and remember to keep your shield up!

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