May 23, 2022

Risk of Rain 2: Huge Content Update Announced

Risk of Rain 2

After just over 18 months in Early Access development, yesterday co-operative Rouge Like Shooter “Risk of Rain 2” launched proper on Steam. Version 1.0, now available for download. Accompanying this was a massive content update from publisher Gear Box. How wonderful.

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Chance of Precipitation: High

Risk of Rain 2 first appeared on Steam early access all the way back in March last year. But as a consequence of user feedback, developer Hopoo made the tough decision to push release back from Spring 2020 to ensure sufficient polish. This created further Interest in the franchise and announcements for releases on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch soon followed suit.

The good news is the delay brings with it a number of meaningful updates to the pre-launch beta. New content boasts more story cut scenes, and an additional playable survivor known as the Captain. Additionally, the video revealed the final stage and boss, and a new server browser among other quality of life updates. The Captain marks the tenth character in the player roster, Hopoo landing on this particular incantation via a community poll.

Able to utilise a chargeable shotgun come rifle, and with the added utility of calling in healing probes from orbit, the Captain boasts a wide array of skills fitting for an excellent all-rounder. This is fitting, as Hopoo revelled the final stage to be the moon. This of course comes complete with a suitable line-up of extra-terrestrial nasties to test your new favourite front-man.

Even Borderlands ain’t got a Lava Gun

Hopoo don’t stop there, revealing a host of new discoverable items. These include the Molten Perforator which spits out balls of fiery magma to eviscerate on-coming cannon fodder, and a host of unlockable survivor skills to hone your set-up.

Perhaps most importantly, considering the price recent hit “Falls Guys” paid for its unprecedented popularity (covered previously by ABG) is the new Sever Browser. As a result, this is hoped to improve Risk of Rain 2’s multiplayer matchmaking, enabling the creation of personal, dedicated servers with full customisation available for difficulty, password protection and rule voting.

Risk of Rain v.1.0 is now available to download from Steam, at a continued, discounted price of £11.99 (20% off). But considering the slew of new content and capabilities, its questionable just how long this discount will last.

For a full list of all of the updates announced, head to the Steam Community page for a closer look.

Source: Eurogamer, Steam Community

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