May 25, 2022

Ring of Pain Are You Brave Enough?

Ring of Pain is a creepy roguelike card dungeon crawler, where levels are dealt from cards and arranged in a ring. As you interact with cards the level dynamically adjusts based on your actions. Ring of Pain also contains a dark story, where you find yourself broken, frail and alone.

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“It’s like a turn-based Binding of Isaac set in the darkest corner of your mind,”

is how developers Simon Boxer and Twice Different once described it


Each playthrough will take around 40 minutes to an hour, provided you succeed and don’t succumb to the Ring of Pain. This makes it’s an ideal game to play in short bursts. There are a number of different endings too, so you can enjoy exploring the different narrative paths the game will take you down. Even if you beat the game multiple times and earn all of the 50+ achievements that are available, there is a daily dungeon to entice you back and add longevity to the game.

Developed by Simon Boxer and Twice Different

Published by Humble there is a demo available on Steam which will provide you with approximately 30 minutes of gameplay. This should be more than ample time to decide whether this is a journey you are brave enough to take.

Ring of Pain will launch for PC via Steam and the Humble Store on 15th October 2020

Source: Ring of Pain

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