June 27, 2022

Review Embargoes Lift for Borderlands 3

As of this Monday, September 9th the review embargo for Borderlands 3 has been lifted, and at the time of writing it currently sits at a comfy 85 on Metacritic.

Review Copies:

In regards to review copies Jason Schreier from Kotaku writes:

In the case of Borderlands 3, which comes out Friday for PC and consoles, things are unusual. Rather than sending out codes for the game, 2K gave reviewers special Epic Games Store accounts loaded up with early, work-in-progress builds of Borderlands 3—a bizarre scenario that we’ve never seen before. As Polygon explained in their review:

“2K Games and Gearbox didn’t send out review codes for Borderlands 3. Instead, they set reviewers up with new Epic Games Store accounts with the game unlocked, and gave us a few warnings about the game being a work in progress. They asked us to stay away from the DirectX 12 implementation, for example, and told us that our progress in these builds may or may not carry over to the final game.”

Earlier in the day Gearbox also released an Official Cinematic Launch Trailer

YouTube player

All in all, reviews look to be a slightly mixed bag weighing in on the positive side. Considering technical difficulties that will hopefully be fixed by launch, and what some reviewers consider bland quests and villains (taste is subjective) it’s shaping up to be simply more, refined borderlands. And as a long time fan: this is great to hear. Consumers can get their hands on their own copies (and over a “billion guns”)on September 13th, and decide for themselves if it\s their cup of tea.

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