Return of GAME’s Christmas Tinner

Return of GAME’s Christmas Tinner

As Christmas draws ever closer, there’s one thing that many people are looking forward in particular; the traditional Christmas dinner. However you have yours, it is quintessentially a part of the whole holiday season. Gamers and non-gamers alike can share their love of pigs-in-blankets, salivate over the stuffing, and bemoan the existence of Brussels sprouts. It’s part of the fun, after all.

But what about if you’re too busy to go out and get all of these sacred ingredients, and then spend an ungodly amount of time and energy in cooking and preparing the perfect dinner? What if you’d rather spend Christmas day killing enemies in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order? Or delivering who knows what to who knows whom in Death Stranding? If only there was a simpler, quicker way.

Well, my friends, you’re in luck, because the folks at GAME have just the news for you! They have brought back their fantastic Christmas-time tradition. Yes, friends, that’s right. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and that can only mean one thing; the return of GAME’s Christmas Tinner! And this year, everyone’s invited!

Joy to the World!

As noted on GAME’s website;

“The popular ‘Christmas Tinner’ is back – with alternative options now available for Vegan and Vegetarian gamers too. The Vegetarian Christmas Tinner switches out scrambled eggs and bacon for gingerbread pancakes and the traditional turkey for a nut roast. Then you lucky veggies even get halloumi pigs and tempeh bacon blankets and cauliflower cheese!

Talk about leveling up! 

For those who want to go meat, dairy and poultry free too the Vegan Christmas Tinner is full of delicious alternatives to the Traditional Christmas Tinner. Kick off with scrambled tofu and tempeh bacon before enjoying a mushroom wellington with a side of vegan pigs in aubergine blankets, vegan stuffing and all the veg! 

The GAME Vegan Christmas Tinner finishes off with a vegan chocolate cake and custard comparable with an end of level boss! So there are now no excuses to exit the game”.

(I really wish I was making some of this up!)

Full Ingredients for the Traditional, Vegetarian and Vegan Christmas Tinners

Traditional Christmas Tinner, Layer by Layer;
  • 1 – Scrambled Egg & Bacon
  • 2 – Two Mince Pies 
  • 3 – Turkey & Potatoes
  • 4 – Gravy
  • 5 – Bread Sauce
  • 6 – Cranberry Sauce
  • 7 – Brussel sprouts with stuffing or broccoli with stuffing
  • 8 – Roast carrots and parsnips
  • 9 – Christmas Pudding

(I don’t know if you can choose between the sprouts or the broccoli)

Veggie Christmas Tinner, Layer by Layer;
  • 1 – Nut roast
  • 2 – Mushroom Wellington
  • 3 – Sprouts
  • 4 – Toblerone
  • 5 – Roast Parsnips
  • – Halloumi pigs and tempeh bacon
  • 7 – Cauliflower Cheese
  • 8 – Yule Log
  • 9 – Veggie Gravy
  • 10 – Gingerbread Pancakes
  • 11 – Cranberry Sauce
  • 12 – Potatoes 

(What a combination that is!)

Vegan Christmas Tinner, again, Layer by Layer;
  • 1 – Scrambled tofu & tempeh bacon
  • 2 – Vegan cheese, olives, and grapes
  • 3 – Vegan Mushroom Wellington
  • 4 – Vegan gravy
  • 5 – Vegan Bread Sauce
  • 6 – Vegan pigs in aubergine blankets
  • 7 – Brussel Sprouts & Vegan Stuffing or Broccoli & Vegan Stuffing
  • 8 – Roasted Butternut Squash, Parsnips & Carrots
  • 9 – Spiced Red Cabbage
  • 10 – Vegan Custard
  • 11 – Vegan Chocolate Cake

Sadly, for anyone wanting one (or all three, why not?!) of these delicacies in a tin, you’re fresh out of luck (for now). At time of press, the product is currently out-of-stock online. However, they are kind enough to say about checking in your local GAME store. So, yeah?

Oh, and if you thought it couldn’t get any weirder, it does. A spokesperson from GAME told LadBible;

“The creation of the Christmas Tinner came after finding that 43% of gamers in the UK intend to spend the majority of the holidays on their consoles and hate having to take time away from the screen just to eat.

Gamers will do anything to stay live in-play – not even sex can lure gamers away according to the research with almost half admitting they have turned down their partners in order to continue playing”.

So, they’ve done some actual, proper, real-world study on this as well!? I mean, it can’t be much worse than the time my mum made lasagna with Chicken Korma Pot Noodles in it. If and when they come back in-stock, LadBible has very reliably mentioned how all three Christmas Tinners are on sale for £1.99. Bargain?

Merry Christmas everybody!

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