Resident Evil Village Demo Uploaded to PS Servers

Resident Evil Village Demo Uploaded to PS Servers

Last month Capcom held a public event live streaming tantalising detail about upcoming release Resident Evil Village. In that reveal, we were promised a gameplay demo to be released later in Spring. And according to OrbisPatches, a database cataloguing all PlayStation 4 game updates, that demo is now online.

So far this appears to be a patch for the PS4 Resi demo, updating it to version 1.01. Right now, we’re almost exactly one month from the release of the game proper. And it seems, as promised that the demo is on its way. To be a little more specific, four new SKUs have been uploaded to the digital storefront, for four major regions including USA, Japan, Europe and Asia. Each is named, unambiguously “Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo”.

This tallies with Capcom’s promise that the second demo would focus squarely on gameplay. This is in contrast to the previous Maiden demo, which was more or less a visual showcase of the tweaked RE Engine in a sumptuous new setting. The demo is allegedly 10GB in size, which promises a good chunk of game to tickle our taste buds.

Even more intriguing, along with the demo are a number of images of the upcoming game. Each is branded “Gameplay Demo” and includes the console icon, the demo booting image and a control scheme for what appears to be remote play setup.

Above: The Resident Evil Village Icon you can expect on your PlayStation of choice
Above: The Resident Evil Village Loading Screen looks particularly foreboding
Most intriguing of all, screen shots of what appear to be PS Vita control setup hint at remote play aspirations

Finally, contained in this treasure trove of forbidden files is the main theme that plays in the background of your PlayStations UI. Could this hint at a Resident Evil Village theme? It could well be the case. Either way, with the files uploaded to multiple regions, it can only be a matter of time before it gets a release proper. No doubt Capcom will shed some light soon, but until then stay tuned to ABG for all updates as we get them.

Source; MP1ST