May 17, 2022

New Details on the Resident Evil Netflix Series

Last year Deadline reported that Netflix was working on an adaptation of Resident Evil. Now, a year later, we finally have some details about what to expect from the Resident Evil Netflix series.

The Long Lost Wesker Family

The details have suggested that the focus of the Netflix Resident Evil series will be Jade and Billie Wesker. If you’re now trying to rack your brains to place them, we’ll save you some time.

Jade and Billie are new characters not based on anyone in the games. That being said, the name Wesker should ring a bell to anyone familiar with the series.

The leak has revealed that Albert Wesker, the series’ long-standing villain, is father to both Jade and Billie, albeit with different mothers. Given their absence in any of the games, it may be reasonably safe to assume that the series won’t follow the events of the games.

Filling the Resident Evil Void

Instead, the creators will be forging a new story to fit into the wider Resident Evil universe. It’s certainly an interesting choice, one that will no doubt allow a little more room to craft an original story.

It could stand to disappoint fans, should their favourite characters be absent though.

At the time of writing there haven’t been any additions to Resident Evil canon since 2017’s Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. This is largely down to Capcom’s current focus on remaking some of its classic back catalogues.

Not to mention the confirmation that Resident Evil: Resistance is confirmed to be non-canon.

If the show does fit into that canon, it could fill that Resi-shaped hole until Resident Evil 8 drops. Otherwise, it could be years until the next canon entry. Especially if rumours of RE8‘s development being restarted, as recently as last year, are to be believed.

Hopeful Expectations

We are yet to see any official confirmation on what the focus of the series is, but we likely don’t have too much longer to wait if the leaks prove to be true.

If Netflix’s treatment of its most recent adaption of The Witcher is anything to go by, Resident Evil fans could be pleasantly surprised when it hits our screens in the not-too-distant future.

Stay with Any Button Gaming for the latest on Netflix’s Resident Evil, and join us in hoping for an Ada Wong spin-off.

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