May 22, 2022

Resident Evil 3 Livestream Demo Keeps It Short And Bittersweet

Resident Evil 3

This morning Capcom brought fans a livestream showing off some of the gameplay in the upcoming Resident Evil 3: Remake. While fans flocked to the stream ahead of schedule for discussion, apparently Capcom forget to set their alarms. The stream itself finally started approximately 20 minutes late.

The stream began with a repeat of the last trailer, and a brief introduction by the presenter, where she made it clear that the demo would be short, and she would not be showing any spoilers. Unfortunately, what the stream did ultimately show proved to be underwhelming. She took her time ogling the surroundings, spending what seemed like ages simply reading the flyers on the doors to one of the games locations. The environments were beautiful, and the animation is great, but we’ve already seen these things.

“New” Gameplay

She then attempted to show off the titles new “Dodge” mechanic, though with limited success. It seems the dodge is keeping in kind with the ability from the original game. She then corralled a group of zombies and presented the new environmental traps coming to the game. Again, things we saw in the original game.

The streamer made it a point to tease the locations she walked past, again, taking her time to try to show off the fan service put into the game , but it felt like it was just padding to the already short stream. And like that, 20 odd minutes or so later, the stream ended. The streamer said a quick goodbye, and that was the it.

In Conclusion

It seemed that Capcom wanted to keep a tight lid on the title, and I commend them for keeping things spoiler free, it just seemed like the demo was superfluous. The one thing I believe fans really wanted to see was Nemesis, and his absence from the demo leaves me wondering about his presence in the final game. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to show off the games main attraction.

Resident Evil 3 Remake launches on April 3rd for Ps4, Xbox One, and PC.

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