May 23, 2022

Reports Claim Sony are Looking to Bid for Warframe Developer

News coming from Bloomberg claim that Sony are tempting to make an offer for Hong-Kong based holding company Leyou Technologies.

Leyou Technologies own developer Digital Extremes, the creator of Warframe.

As well as Splash Damage who developed the unfortunately disappointing title Brink.

Leyou are also a significant shareholder in studio Certain Affinity, with these purchases suggesting a focus on multiplayer to enhance an area of the PlayStation gaming lineup that is mostly third party.


Though they will apparently have some competition for the acquisition, with iDreamSky having previously tabled an offer in the region of $1.23 billion.

iDreamSky are a Chinese firm who are invested in by Tencent, a Chinese multinational conglomerate holding company.

The cornoavirus pandemic halted the talks between the companies, but they are very much stlil interested.

“Sony is hoping that it can edge out other bidders with greater certainty of financing,”

“Leyou’s [controlling shareholder Charles] Yuk aims to choose a buyer and sign an agreement as soon as this month, the people said. Talks are still ongoing and no final decision has been made. Other bidders could still emerge.”

Bloomberg’s sources

This potential bid will likely fuel rumours regarding Sony’s desires to expand their portfolio and online services.

We’ll see in time whether they are seriously looking to bring in developers like Digital Extremes and there properties like Warframe or if iDreamSky will come out on top this time.

Sourced from: Pushsquare

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