May 23, 2022

Remote Play And Backward Compatibility: Sony is Asking Players What They Want

There’s an apparent questionnaire from Sony going around Reddit. In it, the video game giants ask what players would like to see from the company. in future generations of consoles.

How to come up with something new, when so much cool stuff is already invented? Ask for help from those who will eventually either love it or hate it.

It seems that Sony is following this exact approach. Secrets are great, but you also want to stay in touch with the players. One of these players just happens to be Reddit user /YouRedditHereFirst, who posted a survey that he took by invitation from Sony.

Most of the shared questions were about PS4 Remote Play. And it looks like the company is keeping an open mind. They are happy to consider bringing back PS1 and PS2 games as well as connecting Remote Play to Switch, Apple TV and even Xbox controller.

Sony also mentions the possibility of creating a slim, portable Dualshock controller to carry on-the-go. This might mean that Nintendo’s success with the Switch didn’t go unnoticed and they can expect a new(ish) hand-held competitor on the horizon.

There are also quite a few questions on customisation. From the ability to hide unnecessary controls, to increase the screen size, to fully customise the layout of the controller to match a player’s hand size and preferences.

Although it was only market research, it looks like Sony is approaching the future with an open mind. As for us, it is nice knowing that even in a multimillion industry like games, common players still matter.

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