May 28, 2022

Remedy Games Has Multiple Unannounced Games In Development

Alan Wake and Control developer, Remedy Games has unveiled their upcoming work load. A lot of this information has come from the most recent financial statement. Remedy Games has gone into some detail about what the whole studio is working on as of current. These project vary from multiple expansions for Control, the single player aspect for CrossfireX, and two unannounced projects.

Remedy’s Control

The Control content titled “The Foundation” is due out on March 26th this year. This DLC is only the first release of the year for Control. Later there is supposed to be another expansion, but details are almost nonexistent. Rumor has it that it might tie back into another property from Remedy, the Alan Wake series.

Their other announced project is for CrossfireX. Remedy is developing a single-player aspect for the multiplayer shooter. CrossfireX is a sequel to the 2007 shooter from Smilegate. They will be developing the multiplayer half of CrossfireX.

Into the Realm of Speculation

The next two projects are the ones of interest. Both are steeped in secrecy, and are considered in pre-pre-production. The untitled project is being worked on by at least 20 people, but is “proceeding well”.

Remedy’s last project is titled “Vanguard”. Vanguard has been in development since 2018 according to Remedy. The team on this game is only about 15 people but they have big ambitions. They are said to have the ambition of “small start up with the stability of a large company”. The Vanguard Team is aiming to bring a service-based multiplayer experience, enhanced with Remedy selected features.

” What, exactly, those features are remain unknown, but the game is currently running on a playable internal build, according to Remedy, and they remain focused on creating “longer-lasting games in engaging worlds.”

-Vanguard page on Remedy site.

Could this be another game to content with service-based games like Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legends? What kind of features and aspects would you like to see from a Remedy Games made multiplayer game? Leave your comments and speculations in the comment section below.

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