Redfall’s Open World Was Initially Too Open Says Developers

Redfall’s Open World Was Initially Too Open Says Developers

Arkane announced Redfall last year at Microsoft’s E3 event. The game was supposed to come out this summer, however, Arkane decided to postpone the launch until next year. Although, that doesn’t mean we don’t know anything about the game In an interview with IGN, studio director Harvey Smith talks about Redfall and how the development is going.

“When we started Redfall, I had just done eight years of Dishonored. Ricardo had done four years of Dishonored, four years of Prey. We felt like we needed some kind of creative risk or some kind of change. We always wanted to work on an open-world [game]. We just talked about the narrative systems that would be involved with multiplayer, with co-op, with characters that would get to know each other over time.”

However, it turns out making an open-world game isn’t easy (who would have thought.) Initially the world in Redfall was too open.

“It’s very open. For what it’s worth, it’s made to be an on-foot game. [With] people talking about the square footage, what’s appropriate is different based on whether you’re just running and walking or whether you have vehicles or you fly on a dragon or whatever. Ours is an on-foot, urban-exploration game, so it’s the right size for that, I think. It’s mostly very open. In fact, at first it was too open. It was like there was not enough blocking you or channeling you, but it’s very, very open rooftops and alleys and streets of this small town – Redfall, Massachusetts – which is like a fishing community, a tourist community. Quaint, historic New England stuff with this stealthy takeover by vampires.”

To fix this Smith and his team decided to divide Redfall into two different districts where one is more rural and the other is more based in the town of Redfall.

“The one thing that we do in terms of that gating pretty heavily is we divided the world into two districts. District one is the first half of the missions and it’s the downtown part of Redfall, and District two is more rural. It’s farms, lighthouses, churches, things like that.”

Hopefully we’ll learn more at Gamescom next month. Microsoft have already confirmed that thery’re attending the event so fingers crossed for more Redfall deets.

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