May 22, 2022

Red Dead Redemption 2 gets “Hot Coffee” mod

Red Dead Redemption 2 gets something called a “Hot Coffee” mod. If you’re thinking “well that sounds innocent” you’re in for a surprise. Slightly more seasoned (not old) gamers might have heard references to “Hot Coffee” before. It’s in fact a nod to Rockstar’s GTA: San Andreas. I will explain for all of you unsullied readers what the term Hot Coffee entails.

You see, when San Andreas was first released players discovered a sex mini-game in the game which Rockstar hid from the retail release. The mini-game involved protagonist CJ being invited inside to his girlfriend’s house “for coffee”. Hence the name.

A new panic broke out because of the hidden mini-game. It seemed like a game involving killing cops, robbing stores, and beating up pedestrians was was fine but the mere implication of nudity was unacceptable to alarmed parents. All this despite the game being rated mat mature. In 2005, the discovery of the original Hot Coffee mod led to the ESRB to change San Andreas’ rating to Adults-Only.

And Hot Coffee still persists but it’s Arthur Morgan who’s got his to-go cup ready now. The mod in question sees Mr. Morgan treated to “coffee” by a sex-worker, in the game.

“I’ve got a hankerin’ for coffee”.

What happens now?

As a result of this Take-Two has ordered the modders to take the mod down. One of these modders, named Unlosing, has spoken to PCgamesN about the whole ordeal.

“I was a bit surprised and didn’t expect Take-Two to worry about a single-player mod this much,” he said. “I find it crazy how Rockstar Games can add hookers to its games, but when someone uploads a mod (not even of the same quality) it’s suddenly ‘inappropriate’. The mod doesn’t contain any nudity or nude models, and only uses assets that are still in the game. The animations are from the drunk bar mission with Lenny (which are still in the game), and the ‘moaning’ noises are simply the sounds the [character models] make when they get injured. Also, they mention ‘online services’, however this mod is only available for single-player. To answer your question: no, I don’t think it’s fair.”

The world isn’t what is once was and people are generally a lot more accepting about explicit content now, however Take-Two seems to rather avoid that bullet completely.

Thank you GamesRadar.

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