Red Dead Online Adds New Single-Player Missions

Red Dead Online Adds New Single-Player Missions

While Red Dead Redemption II may not be getting any story DLC anytime soon, the latest update for Red Dead Online has added three new replayable missions through its new ‘Telegram’ system.

The missions themselves, which are single-player ONLY, are accessible through the Post Office. The three missions are replayable, so you can complete them again and again. Be warned that the difficulty level increases every time you complete it, but the reward will be greater.

So what are the missions?
Red Dead Online

Outrider: A wagon is making its way out of Brittlebrush Trawl, requiring a skilled individual to provide backup against attackers and roadblocks en route. Whether you escort on horseback or ride shotgun is up to you, but if the driver dies it’s on you to get the wagon to its destination by any means necessary…and don’t ask too many questions about the cargo.

Reward: 20 small arrows and 100 express revolver cartridges.

Red Dead Online

A One Horse Deal: The Braithwaites are negotiating a deal to buy a prized, untamed white Arabian racehorse from Emerald Ranch. Your task will be to intercept the deal, tame the unpredictable beast and deliver the steed to your contact. This is a highly valued horse, so expect guards to give pursuit.

Reward: 30% off an Arabian horse and two special horse revivers

Red Dead Online

Rich Pickings: Rumour has it that the mayor of Saint-Denis is busy lining his pockets with seized jewels smuggled into the States. The Mayor keeps his stash in his tightly guarded manor. Break-in, snatch the gems and get out alive.

Reward: Three lost jewellery and three family heirloom collectables.

To celebrate the launch, players who complete any of the three missions THIS WEEK will receive 5,000 Club XP, $100 in-game currency and a treasure map.

With the new ‘Telegram’ system now in use, expect more missions to drop in the future.

You can check out what else Rockstar has updated in Red Dead Online in a blog post here.

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