May 22, 2022

Red Dead Online Players Tormented By Hacked Skeleton Attackers

The Western Wilds of Red Dead Online are full of odd sights. However, an obscure sight even for Red Dead is a travelling, animated two-headed skeleton

Mysterious skeletal attackers have seemingly begun to infiltrate Red Dead Online reports IGN – and no, this isn’t some kind of extraordinarily late Halloween event.

Such an encounter was first reported on the Steam Forums on 7th February by user FeedMyDinos. The user claims a “two-headed skeleton” attacked them in Grizzlies West before fleeing.

Online players would be forgiven for believing this was another of Rockstar’s signature quirky encounters. Red Dead Redemption 2 featured the inclusion of werewolves, ghost trains, and even a UFO in it’s singleplayer. However, the truth of the scenario is a little more sinister.

The two-headed skeleton is a model that appears in the vanilla game. An overturned wagon near Beecher’s Hope contains remains of conjoined sisters, a regular attraction of Freak Circus’s of the time. It seems that hackers are manipulating their avatar to appear as this skeleton model, and terrifying unsuspecting players.

Since FeedMyDino’s first report, several other players have documented encounters with two-headed skeletons. YouTuber TriggerFishGaming even posted a video of their character hogtying one to their horse. Reddit user “Keisenberg_” uploaded a video of their encounter to the r/reddeadonline subreddit.

Although admittedly, this is perhaps the least intrusive way hackers have meddled with unsuspecting players. Players have previously reported being enveloped by a pile of animal carcasses, being repeatedly blown up and set fire to, and even being turned into a Christmas tree.

RDR2 developer Rockstar previously rewarded Red Dead Online players with dozens of free weapons for simply logging in.

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