RE Village Winters’ Expansion – PC Review

RE Village Winters’ Expansion – PC Review

After more than a year and a half since the release of Resident Evil Village, players can now enjoy new content with The Winter’s Expansion.

Originally, Capcom did not plan DLC for the game. However, after the success of Village, the company started development to expand the game in meaningful ways. The end result? The Winters’ Expansion, a package that includes a history campaign, a third-person camera, and new mercenary playable characters.

Shadows of Rose

Players can now enjoy a new post-game campaign. In this new-game content, players take on the role of Rose, daughter of Ethan. You may know Ethan as the main protagonist of RE7 and REVillage.

We have previously seen Rose as a baby within Village, wherein she plays a big part in the history of the game. At the conclusion of Village, a now teenage Rose remarked; “the father’s story is now done”.

This left many speculating on Rose and, indeed, the future of the Ethan saga.

The Winters’ Expansion brings in the Shadows of Rose storyline. Taking place after the events of the main campaign, Rose, still struggling with the loss of her father, struggles with her place in the world, and the strange things happening to her with what lies inside her.

This history explores deep themes; up to that point, Rose had a difficult life. She dealt with things she never understood, rejection from others, and emotional damage because of Ethan’s fate.

Shadows of Rose utilises similar gameplay to the core Village experience, whilst also adding new mechanics due to the strange powers Rose is developing. This gives players a different experience compared to the combat and exploration of Village. Rose uses her powers to open new paths, solve environmental puzzles, and can even use them in combat.

The campaign includes more elements of psychological horror. There is a great balance between action adventure and survival horror in use. You’ll spend more time exploring the main scary locations of Village as well as facing new types of enemies. These new monsters, by the way, are eerily similar to mold monsters found in RE7. However, they now have much more scary and defined features, as well as being connected to Rose in a meaningful way.

Shadows of Rose boasts some great moments and players will have a scary and fun time going through it.

Third Person Mode

RE7 was a total departure from the norm for the franchise. The main contrasting aspect of RE7 when compared to previous entries was the shift to a first-person camera perspective. As such, Capcom constructed the game around this concept.

Whilst initially jarring, this element continued in Village. However, fans always wanted that classic third-person perspective to return.

The Winters’ Expansion adds this missing part of the Resident Evil experience back into the game.

Village, of course, was always designed for a first-person camera. However, interestingly, even in third-person, the gameplay and mechanics work exactly as the original perspective. And they just work.

An important aspect of this design was the intention to make Ethan an embodiment of the player; the player never sees his face. In the Winters’ Expansion, this theme continues even whilst in third-person perspective; the animations and mechanics never show Ethan’s face, you cannot turn the camera around enough to see his face, and the cinematics remains in the first-person perspective.

The third-person camera is a great addition to the game, despite it being against the original intentions. It gives players the classic RE experience, you can change it at any time, and Shadows of Rose uses more elements designed around the third-person camera. It’s quite impressive that just changing the camera can turn the game into something else.

The Mercenaries Additional Orders

Back in 1999 with the release of RE 3 Nemesis, Capcom wanted a more action-oriented experience. The studio changed the concept of the game around this idea. It also added a mini-game completely focused on action. This mini-game, infamously, ended up being The Mercenaries mode where players were tasked with blasting waves of enemies with limited time and resources.

RE Village included the return of this mode following the same concept but with refined mechanics. Village‘s scary locations and dangerous enemies boasted a fun way to win points to unlock cool rewards, such as new, powerful weapons, infinite ammo, and collectibles.

The Winters’ Expansion adds new characters and stages, pleasing players with the opportunity to play as the popular and beloved Lady Dimitrescu, as well as the charismatic villain, Heisenberg.

This character gives another flavor to the experience because they are not going around all guns blazing. Instead, they use their iconic powers and abilities – like summoning minions and destructive attacks. As such, playing as them is fun and satisfying.

These characters are meant to be unlockables. Players will have to play the new stages and get an S-rank to play as Lady Dimitrescu and an A-rank to play as Heisenberg.


This is a great opportunity to come back to play RE Village or play it for the first time. The third-person camera offers a different experience even if you already play it before, resembling the classic style of previous entries. New mercenary characters are fun to play and an incentive to play this mode in order to unlock them and the rest of the rewards. Playing as Lady Dimistrescu is something fans have been thirsty for since before the game even launched!

But the most compelling content is undoubtedly Shadows of Rose, a good continuation/ending for the Ethan saga. Rose is a well-developed character with unique motivations, traits, and gameplay, the history is well-written and fits in the arc of the last games. In general, a wonderful addition to RE Village.

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Resident Evil Village The Winters' Expansion - PC Review
  • 8/10
    Overall - 8/10


Great content for new and old players. Features like the Third person camera and playable Lady Dimitrescu give a new experience playing the game. A well written campaign that develops the Rose character, and offers new gameplay style. Even if is late is worth getting the expansion or the gold edition of the game.

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