May 23, 2022

Rayman Legends Currently Free to Buy and Keep on PC

Fancy a FREE game? Well, the good folks at Ubisoft are currently giving away Rayman Legends from now until the 3rd April. Check it out now!

Ubisoft, in their effort to get you all to stay inside, is offering Rayman Legends for free until the end of the week.

The deal means you’ll be able to download and keep Legends for free forever, much like what Square Enix was offering with Tomb Raider recently.

For anyone unfamiliar with the game, Rayman Legends sees you take the armless wonder on a romp through classic 2D levels. Bringing the franchise’s faithful platforming and injecting some of my favourite level designs, Rayman Legends is a real treat.

Rayman Legends and Origins act as a soft-reboot of the Rayman franchise. Globox and the Teensies, amongst others, join Rayman in imaginative retellings of his adventures.

The Armless Wonder’s Best Outing

Rayman Legends best bits are definitely the musical levels. As you go through these levels, you hit enemies in time with remixed songs. My personal favourite is hearing the Rayman version of Black Betty. Always brings a smile to my face.

However, Ubisoft kind of gives you two Rayman games in one with Legends. The game features 40 remastered stages from Origins, meaning you get both games for absolutely nothing!

Ubisoft will be giving away goodies all month long. To get an early scope of what to expect, check out Ubisoft’s Free Events website. This whole Lockdown thing might have just got a little easier!

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You can pick Rayman Legends up (for FREE) here. Be warned though, you only have until the end of this week (3rd April).

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