Rare Events & Rewards Now Live in Black Desert SEA

Rare Events & Rewards Now Live in Black Desert SEA

Pearl Abyss has announced that a number of rare events are taking place this week in Black Desert SEA. Adventurers can use this opportunity to obtain valuable rewards. 

Adventurers can now train themselves to reach a higher level in the world of Black Desert. Until February 24, Adventurers can get a 50% discount on Books of Training, a special item that is needed in order to train with a Scarecrow. They can also get an additional 50% of Combat and Skill EXP during the event period.  

During the same event period, the intense PvP content Red Battlefield will also take place. Adventurers who complete the daily quest in the Red Battlefield can earn themselves an increased amount of rewards during the event period.   

Moreover, those who hunt until February 24 can also collect Sunlight Fragments. Combining the fragments will earn Adventurers an Echo of the Sun, which can be used to defeat certain monsters. Once the monsters are defeated, there will be a chance to defeat Treasure Hunters who will drop various valuable rewards. 

Last but not least, an option to toggle visual effects for the defense statuses applied by certain skills has been added. This new function will visually indicate when certain defense statuses are activated by skills.  

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