July 3, 2022

Rapture Gaming Festival Success Strikes Again

Rapture Gaming Festival is back. A celebration of all things gaming strikes again this weekend at the Charter Hall in Colchester. After it’s previous success early in year Rapture returned to Colchester with another action packed weekend of all things gaming.

There were all things gaming related on show once and again and enough to keep kids and adults entertained all day long. Offering tournaments and chances to play consoles they’ve never played or seen before to virtual reality gaming, table top games and markets stall alike.

Me and Craig Gorman from Any Button Gaming thoroughly enjoyed everything they had on offer. Having spoken to many people about what they were looking for at a gaming festival and what they were hoping to see, buy or learn. As previously mentioned there was a lot on offer once again the spike interest from all corner of the gaming community.

Once again, a matter close to my heart was hugely popular offering children and adults the chance to play the great that help sculp the gaming world to what it is today.

The Retro Zone. A history of what makes gaming great was on show in all its glory for all to see and enjoy. The Sega Master System, Snes, Nes, GameCube, Atari and many more consoles were available for the public to enjoy. Mario kart was and still is popular to this day and was entertained by huge amount of people at the show. Tekken, Start Wars Battlefront, Minecraft, Mario, FIFA, PUBG and many for top titles were at hand for the gaming public to try, test and enjoy. Retro gaming is a subject which I’m passionate about I truly believe that these consoles above have stood the test of time and remain more popular than ever. Thanks to Rapture Gaming Festival, the push for Retro Gaming continues and is still continuing to grow thanks to the Mini Classic remakes of the NES and SNES.

Another area that made it’s return was the Table Top Gaming Area. This time round it took up a quarter of the room that was available to the festival. Although this is not something we have delved into and it’s not something we normally cover, I would like to add that we here at AnyButtonGaming are open to all things related and linked to gaming. It’s not an area that we would normally delve into but if it proves popular amongst our readers we will definitely look into producing some more table top gaming news and information in the future.

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