Rainbow Six Siege’s Next Update Is Operation Ember Rise

Rainbow Six Siege’s Next Update Is Operation Ember Rise

Some details about the third update of Year 4 are already known, through a combination of early announcements, leaks, and coy hints left in marketing materials.

The Latin American-set expansion will feature the debut of two new operators. According to a stray tweet from Ubisoft Russia, the two operators will supposedly be a Mexican man named Goyo and a Peruvian woman named Amaru, both counterterrorist specialists.

Goyo & Amaru

Environmental details in a new promotional Operation Ember Rise YouTube video allude to new, experimental weaponry. One, a grappling hook, will seemingly quickly haul players up through hatches in floors. Another, some kind of incendiary shield, will have defensive capabilities. Sources close to the game have supposedly mentioned that explosive barrels will play a larger role in map design going forward, giving incendiary weapon users additional tactical advantages.

The Kanal map will also reportedly receive a redesign to make it more competitively viable. Ubisoft had previously tweaked the design of the Kafe map to improve its popularity, with some success.

The full reveal of Operation Ember Rise will take place at the Rainbow Six Pro League Finals in Raleigh, North Carolina, on Aug. 18 at 1:30 p.m. EST.

Source: escapistmagazine.com

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