May 27, 2022

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Roadmap

Ubisoft provided the first details on Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 at the Six Invitational, including an overview of plans spread across 2020. The Montreal-based event serves as the blockbuster homecoming for Ubisoft’s shooter, host to its Rainbow Six Pro League final, and our first Year 5 overview.

As many fans will already know, the next operation will be called Void Edge, and will consist of two new Operators, a map rework, and a host of gameplay updates.

For more information why not check out our in-depth Void Edge article here.

What is surprising is how much more this Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Roadmap actually reveals:

  • The format of Rainbow Six Siege will be changing, which will mean less new Operators in the future.
  • Existing Operators will be reworked, beginning with Tachanka and followed by others in later seasons.
  • Each season will include a new Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass.
The first two seasons of Year 5 will keep the current format, with each season bringing two new Operators and a map rework.

After that, however, the six subsequent seasons will each introduce one new Operator, a map rework, a limited-time event, and major gameplay updates. Beginning with Operation Void Edge, each season will also introduce a Battle Pass, offering players a new way to earn rewards.

The planned gameplay changes will include fundamental updates that will affect all players, with priorities that include expanding player agency and getting players more invested in the preparation and support phases.

Some of the planned changes announced so far include adding more secondary gadgets for all Operators; implementing a smart ping system designed to improve communication, especially for players who don’t use voice chat; adding a map ban option; and a new Reputation system that rewards or sanctions players based on their in-game behavior.


Following in the footsteps of Road to SI and Rainbow is Magic, Years 5 and 6 will also feature one major, themed in-game event per season, each of which will offer a distinct shift in gameplay.

Weekend-only Arcade Playlists are coming as well, beginning with Golden Gun in Operation Void Edge, and with more planned beginning in Year 5, Season 3.

While Operation Void Edge saw a dedicated reveal at the Six Invitational, Ubisoft rarely confirms concrete release dates until just one day before deployment. However, with Rainbow Six Siege seasons consistently spaced across three-month intervals, it provides a general arrival estimate for each update in 2020:

  • Season 1 – March 2020
  • Season 2 – June 2020
  • Season 3 – September 2020
  • Season 4 – December 2020

In the meantime, Operation Void Edge hits the Rainbow Six Siege Test Server (TS) on PC on February 17.

Year 5 Season 2 retains a familiar duo of Operators, introducing talent from South Africa and Norway.

Ubisoft will transition to its new seasonal template with its third season, dropping one cryptic “classified” Operator in favor of new core gameplay features and reworks.

The map rework brings changes to House, adapting the infamously close-quarters abode with a larger floorplan, improving map flow, and the visual palette.
Skyscraper will be undergoing a much needed rework.

Skyscraper also goes under the knife for the seasonal map rework, promising to streamline its vertical gameplay. The year wraps with a closing season, highlighting a solo Thai Operator and Chalet rework.

Chalet will also be receiving the rework treatment.

Year 5 also serves as host to the long-awaited Tachanka rework, adapting the oparator to better fit with the current build. While introduced among the original 20 Operators upon release, the stationary nature of the RP-46 LMG ultimately misaligned with how the game has evolved. Ubisoft has trialed various adjustments with time, but Year 5 changes Tachanka’s fundamentals with a loadout overhaul.

You can find more information on the Tachanka rework here.

Rainbow Six Siege Replay Mode and Map Bans

With Ubisoft committing additional resources to “core gameplay features” in 2020, Ubisoft also plans to release two long-awaited features on the Year 5 roadmap. The developer will explore several quality-of-life adjustments geared for competitive play, given the freed resources once committed to Operator development.

One flagship addition comes via a new Replay mode. Thus allowing players to visit past matches, switch up perspectives, and obtain greater insight into gameplay. While far from unique among modern multiplayer titles, it brings additional flexibility for many. Including professionals, content creators, or even the tactic-conscious player.

New map ban system in effect.

Year 5 will also expand the Ranked offerings with map bans, expanding upon the current Pick and Ban feature dedicated to Operators. The feature provides players with broader choice over maps, improving upon the currently randomized selection from the rotation. When present, the system will suggest three randomized options, with teams eliminating two to select their arena.

Rainbow Six Siege Ping 2.0 System

Although this visual identifier for in-game communication is present in Rainbow Six Siege, the single yellow marker has fallen behind as rivals experiment with more in-depth solutions. Ubisoft plans to release the ping 2.0 system in Year 5, providing further context to player markers.

The new ping system looks set to revamp how we mark things in the world.

While Ubisoft has provided few details on the revised Ping system, it aims to adapt to the fundamentals of Rainbow Six, considering Operator gadgets. The first iteration of the update will allow players to mark devices across the map, and relay their positions to teammates.

There’s also a surprise collaboration for one of the operators. Click here to find out more.

That’s everything we know about the 2020 plans for Siege so far. Is there anything that you’re really looking forward to? Are you excited for the new map reworks? Let us know in the comments below.

As usual, for all things gaming, stay tuned to ABG.

Source: windows central, Ubisoft, express

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