July 3, 2022

Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Roadmap and Design Plans

Finally we have gotten a look at the Rainbow Six Siege: Year 4 Roadmap. It includes the standard 8 operators over the year that we have come to expect and we will be welcoming 6 new nations as well as 1 existing nation.

In Season 1, as is already announced, we will be welcoming the Australian operators Gridlock and Mozzie as well as the new map Outback.

Season 2 will then give us a new American operator as well as an operator from Denmark. This will be accompanied by a rework to the map, Kafe Dostoyevsky.

Season 3 will offer operators from both Peru and Mexico and will be accompanied by a rework to the map Kanal.

Finally, Season 4 will round off the year with operators from Kenya and India as well as a rework to Theme Park.

This does mean that the only new map that we will be receiving is in Season 1. However, I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing, Ubisoft seems extremely committed to improving the experience and health of the game and I think reworking existing maps in order to make them more competitive is a great step forward.

It does not stop with the addition of new operators and maps/reworks though, Ubisoft has decided to introduce dedicated cells of developers to work on things like operator balance, player behaviour and playlist changes which will allow them to devote more resources to changing and improving different aspects of the game.

One of the major changes coming, regarding player behaviour and toxicity, is the implementation of reverse friendly fire. After a player team kills a friendly player, they are then sanctioned for the remainder of the match resulting in any damage they do to another friendly being redirected at themselves.

As well as this, to further improve the experience for newer players at ranks 1-50, a new playlist will be implemented which offers 3 maps on the bomb game mode. The aim of this is to provide new players an environment in which they can learn Siege’s core mechanics which will result in an easier time transitioning into the ranked playlist.

Speaking of ranked, significant changes will be coming in Year 4 with the second half of the year marking the removal of the playlist’s beta tag. As the year progresses, the much requested Pick and Ban system will become a permanent part of ranked, especially after the positive feedback Ubisoft received following the Road to S.I in game event which allowed players to experience the system for themselves.

Ranked will also receive the Ranked Hub. This is the new home for Ranked in which players will be able to assess their own performance, statistics, current and past rankings, as well as the distribution of ranks in the ranked population. Furthermore, we will also be able to see which maps will be available in the season or those rotating in and out in the given season.

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Lastly, the Casual playlist will be receiving a reduction in timer from 4 minutes, to 3 minutes and 30 seconds. As well as this, similar to how the Ranked playlist currently operates, Attackers will be able to pick their spawns while Defenders will now be able to See which objective site they will be defending, allowing them to tailor their operator choice.

With Rainbow Six Siege continuing to grow, it is great to see how committed Ubisoft is to the long term health and gameplay experience of the game. I am very much looking forward to trying out the new playlist changes when they are implemented and I cannot wait to see how the reverse friendly fire mechanic affects toxicity. We all deserve to play the game without our experience being ruined by toxic players.

Ubisoft has also released a CGI Trailer featuring Thatcher and Dokkaebi, see that here.

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