July 5, 2022

Rainbow Six Siege to have more of a story next year?

Ubisoft wants plot and character to be a bigger part of its multiplayer FPS in 2020. Over the course of the game’s standard quarterly updates, Rainbow Six Siege presentation director Alexander Karpazis told IGN in a recent interview, Ubi aspires to tell a continuous story.

What form the story will take is still a little unclear.

“What I can say for Year 5 is the story elements are going to be huge for us!”

Alexander Karpazis

The story will kick off in Year 5 Season 1 and involve Nighthaven, the fictional private military corporation founded by Operation Shifting Tides’ new attacker, Kali. That story will be told in the Battle Pass and through new operators themselves, but Karpazis also mentioned that the story is “wrapped up” in everything.

So things are still a little cryptic then?

It doesn’t give us much to go on but it sounds like we may get some more cinematics, either through the battle pass rewards or via the operators themselves. Perhaps we will see the return of the original operator introduction videos. Alternatively, and more likely, it could mean some more reading.

More Rewards hopefully doesn’t mean paid story content

Quite how the story pans out across the battle pass is anyone’s guess, especially as there will now be a free battle pass and a “premium” battle pass. Let’s just hope that we don’t have to pay extra to get some decent story content or Siege lore.

It’s hard to know what form this will take in game.

In February 2019, Ubisoft unveiled Rainbow Six Universe, a team dedicated to telling more stories in Siege’s world. So far, the only Universe content we’ve seen is the “Hammer and the Scalpel” animated video from the same announcement. Hopefully we’ll get to see some more from this team and get more background on this ever expanding roster or operators.

Siege’s first big story moment came with the co-op Outbreak event in 2018. For the first time, operators talked to each other and built personality. Although the event was only a few short missions, a little went a long way to sell a larger Siegeverse.

Outbreak is now being spun into its own game made by a separate team, Rainbow Six Quarantine.

Promise of more Siege fiction is appealing but it’s important to remember that telling stories in multiplayer-focused games has unique challenges. It’s hard to weave a narrative directly into 3-minute rounds, and most studios have opted to tell their tales in external media.

Source: IGN, PCGamer

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