July 5, 2022

Rainbow Six Siege Surveys Future Features

Ubisoft could be looking to expand Rainbow Six Siege “in a very different direction” from it’s classic team-based competitive mode.

In a survey sent to players earlier this week, the developer asked what new game modes they might like to see in future.

The survey (see here) asks players about what other games they play, and what they like about playing Rainbow Six Siege, with questions about whether they prefer attack or defense, what game modes they like, and which operators are their favourite.

Further through the survey, however, a section entitled “new R6 gameplay” asks “how appealing are the following hypothetical new types of gameplay for R6?”

The six options listed are:

  1. A solo campaign mode
  2. An open-world exploration mode
  3. A new PvP mode
  4. There’s also an option for a new co-op PvE mode (likely something similar to the Outbreak event that took place last year)
  5. Team deathmatch (basically what every round devolves into anyway)
  6. Capture the Flag mode.

Players can rate how much they’d like one of those modes on a scale from “not at all appealing” to “extremely appealing.”

A Whole New World

The next question on the survey asks players to “imagine if a new full game were created based on Rainbow Six Siege, but with a different direction (with new modes, map, operators, enemies, and cosmetic content).” The survey asks players to consider how much they’d be happy to pay for a new title.

It’s worth pointing out that this is all purely hypothetical, and that Ubisoft has made no official comment regarding a new Rainbow Six game. Given Siege’s ongoing success, a brand-new title may not necessarily be in the developers’ best interests, but the hype around Outbreak suggests that there is an appetite for different game modes.

With all this in mind, it could be interesting to keep an eye on Ubisoft’s presence at E3, but that does seem to be a pretty quick turnaround for an official announcement.

Source: pcgamesn.com

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