July 3, 2022

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shifting Tides release date

Ubisoft unveiled Operation Shifting Tides on November 6, dropping a brief oceanic teaser to the official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account.

As with past Rainbow Six Siege updates, Ubisoft is yet to commit to a formal release date until closer to deployment. However, long-established schedules allow for an accurate estimation of the Shifting Tides debut.

Operation Shifting Tides is expected for a November 10, 2019 unveiling, alongside the Rainbow Six Pro League Finals in Tokoname, Japan. The tournament’s Asian debut will feature a dedicated reveal panel, followed by three weeks of public Technical Test Server (TTS) trials, wrapping with a December 3, 2019 release date.

Shifting Tides new Kenya and India Operators

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shifting Tides retains Ubisoft’s well-established seasonal template, shining the spotlight on two recruits. New playable Operators assume attacker and defender roles, accompanied by high-tech gadgets to shake up the multiplayer meta. New Kenyan and Indian Operators are scheduled to further diversify the roster, outlined via the Year 4 roadmap.

Ubisoft is yet to detail either Operator beyond nationalities, though reputable leaks provide an alleged overview of internal plans. Headlining attack looks to be a new Indian sniper with anti-gadget capabilities, primarily serving as the first Thatcher alternative. The existing SAS Operator boasts unmatched electronics denial via handheld EMPs, with increasing value as new defenders hit the scene. Shifting Tides’s attacker looks to deliver similar functionality via a compact launcher, charging up to eradicate nearby gadgets.

The Operator reportedly brings the first bolt-action rifle to Rainbow Six Siege, hopefully ending a period of recycled weaponry. That would be the first DLC sniper to follow Glaz, although avoiding past missteps with her gadgetry.

The long-rumored “Jager competition” also supposedly drops with Shifting Tides, carving a new anti-projectile role in the lineup. As Jager’s utility and firepower propel this most-picked defender, sources claiming familiarity with Ubisoft plans detail a gadget that captures and detonates throwables. That avoids the binary nature of the ADS while experimenting with new creative counters.

The update may also see our long-awaited Proximity Alarm secondary gadget hit the scene, referenced both via in-game files and promotional assets. The deployable is expected to hook onto door frames, alerting of passing players with an audible sound. Leaks since back up these references alongside mention of a secondary hard-breaching gadget, described as “small thermite charge.” We’ve also heard work is underway on fire countermeasures, although status remains unclear at this time.

Shifting Tides Theme Park map rework

Wrapping up Ubisoft’s lineup of Year 4 maps, Theme Park is the latest on track for an extensive rework. Two years since its Operation Blood Orchid debut, Shifting Tides sets out for a revisit with various refinements to improve competitive play. The refresh primarily sets out to carve new sightlines to improve attacker-defender encounters, while balancing lighting.

“Keeping things that worked like, on the first floor, Drug Lab was great. But then you get the maze that’s happening to the side with Gargoyles. We want to streamline that a little bit more and balance the lighting. Theme Park is a map that’s super, super dark in some places, super-bright in some places. Kind of averaging it out so that it’s easier for players to recognize what’s happening.”

Rainbow Six Siege Presentation Director, Alexander Karpazis

“And then on the second floor, we’re actually looking at that connecting hallway where you have the train cars. It’s very hard to flush out defenders, there are so many hiding spots. And we’re also going to be taking a look at the twin staircase there too.”

With Theme Park under the knife, Ubisoft has temporarily pulled the map with the Operation Ember Rise update. Set for reintroduction in Shifting Tides, Ranked, Unranked, and Casual playlist rotations exclude the map. A Halloween-themed haunted house also based on Theme Park dropped this October, via a limited-time mid-season event.

Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass Phase 2

First unveiled alongside Operation Ember Rise, Rainbow Six Siege also soon secures its Battle Pass. Popularized Fortnite, Call of Duty, among other top shooters, Ubisoft is the latest to adopt this monetization hook, serving up exclusive rewards and lore. With Operation Ember Rise dropping foundations via a week-long trial, Operation Shifting Tides brings a “full-fledged” extension to the game.

Free Track & Premium Track

Ember Rise dropped Phase 1 of the Rainbow Six Battle Pass dubbed “Call Me Harry,” compiling a series of milestones over seven days. The initial rollout tested the new progression system, available for free to all. Shifting Tides is scheduled to launch with Phase 2, splitting into free and paid “premium” tracks, with rewards served for each.

Are you looking forward to the next season of Siege? Are you excited about the rumoured operators?

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