July 3, 2022

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera Patch Notes and Release Date

Rainbow Six Siege’s latest DLC, Operation Chimera, will be released to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 6, and with it now live on the Technical Test Server, Ubisoft has released its patch notes. In addition to adding the two new Operators, Finka and Lion, and the new co-op Outbreak event, the update introduces some changes to the gameplay as well as a bunch of Operators.

Since her release Ela has been a popular pick, but she is goingg to be nerfed in the new update, as Ubisoft believes she is still “picked way too often.” Her SMG will suffer from increased recoil and deal less damage than before, and her impact grenades have been replaced by a deployable shield. “She was too good at doing all the roaming work by herself,” the developer said, “preparing rotations, being warned by Concussion mines, and of course killing with her SMG. This loadout change will force her to rely on teammates for rotation holes, or to pick the shotgun if she wants to do them herself.”

Kapkan however is exchanging his barbed wire for impact grenades, apparently he had too many tasks during the preparation phase. “Having impact grenades for faster rotations is a better fit for his playstyle,” Ubisoft states.

The final Operator change is to Blitz, who is being made into a 2 speed / 2 armor Operator, he was previously 1 speed / 3 armor. The reasoning for this is that “making Blitz faster is the next logical step to making him a more attractive choice and help him close the gap, as he really shines when he manages to get in close quarter with isolated defenders.”

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Source: Gamespot.com

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