May 27, 2022

Rainbow Six Siege is free to play March 5th til 8th!

Rainbow Six Siege will be free to play across all platforms this weekend.

Meaning you can play for free on Xbox One, PS4, PC, The Epic Store and Steam!

Play from 5th March until the 8th for free, with all progress carrying over to the full game when purchased.

The available content will include all maps, all modes and 20 legacy operators of the current roster of 54.

New Operators

Two new operators were recently added to the game, Oryx and Iana.

Check out some more details about these two in our previous article.

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To enocurage playters to buy the game Ubisoft are also offering up to 75% off the full game.

This will depend on which edition and platform you choose, but still a great offer to keep you playing Rainbow Six Siege past this weekend.

Six Invitational 2020

Ubisoft recently held their Six Invitational 2020 in Canada, with the tournament final proving an eSports classic.

The final match between Spacestation Gaming and Ninjas in Pyjamas has been immortalised in the video below.

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Sourced from: VG247

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