July 3, 2022

Rainbow Six Siege – Free Weekend in August

For all you Rainbow Six Siege fans out there, Ubisofts next free weekend will start this month. From the 16th to the 20th August the servers will be open to everyone wishing to try the game. during this time Players on PC, Xbox and Playstation will have access to the game, maps, operators and modes.

Free weekend start times

Your free weekend starts August 16th but depending on your platform will affect your start time.


PS4 – 2 PM BST



You can pre download the game 2 days early from on the 14th August, however, won’t be able to play until the servers open. Any progression you make level wise and anything you unlock will be transferred over if you buy the full game when the free weekend is over.

On a side note, the details from the new content Operation Grim Sky have also been released which will include 2 new operators and a revamp of the Hereford base map. When the new update hits you can also expect to see some small improvements to things such as weapon balance and the use of scale dynamic resolution for PS4.

source psu.com

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