July 6, 2022

Rainbow 6 Siege’s 4.2 Update Now Live, What does it fix?

Ubisoft has rolled out the latest update for Rainbow Six Siege. The 4.2 patch, which serves as the Mid-Season Reinforcement patch for the current season, is now live on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, introducing a variety of buffs and nerfs to individual Operators.

As detailed earlier this month, patch 4.2 primarily deals with balance changes. Concussion effects are being reduced, and will no longer disable sprinting, a change that impacts both Ela and Zofia. Ela also takes a hit to the magazine size of her SMG, which drops from 50 to 40 bullets. Ash also sees a nerf to the damage done by her R4-C, while Twitch’s Shock Drone ammo drops significantly, from 15 to 5. Additionally, Bandit gets one fewer barbed wire to deploy.

It’s not bad news for everyone though. Lesion’s Gu mines will now refill quicker, and Capitao’s Para-308 sees a damage boost. Ubisoft previously explained why they’re making all of these changes, but as you’d expect, it’s mainly do to feeling certain characters were over or underpowered.

Other than the balance changes, Ubisoft has released improvements to the Caster Camera. They’ve also added a new animation icon for when a teammate is disabling the Defuser. Perhaps more importantly, once the Defuser is placed, its progress is displayed in place of the round timer. Ubisoft said that they plan to continue improving the Bomb Mode and will share more details in the future.

Source: Gamespot.com

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