July 3, 2022

Railway Empire heads to Canada

Kalypso Media Group has announced the expansion of Railway Empire to Canada in the new “The Great Lakes” DLC coming to PlayStation 4 EU August 20th.

Launched earlier this year, Railway Empire challenges players to become a Railway tycoon by creating never-ending rail lines.  Not only do you need to create the rail lines but as a rail tycoon you also needed to build and maintain a vast infrastructure to support the trains.  Set in 1830’s America, with 40 different trains and over 300 technologies.  Tycoons will also need to battle it out via raids and industrial espionage to make their way to the top.

A few months ago, the game was expanded to incorporate Mexico and now rail tycoons will be able to expand into Canada.

Along with the move to a new country a few additional features are:

  • The DLC will span the time period of 1860-1880
  • Takes place in the Great Lakes Region of Canada; “a country dominated by forest and tundra”
  • Addition of 19 new cities
  • Additional of 2 new engines, Achilles (0-4-0) and Canadian (2-8-0).
  • Enhanced weather system for the northern region
Railway Empire

Get ready to head north to Canada to expand your Railway Empire.

Already available on PC and Xbox One worldwide, and on PlayStation 4 in North America.

Source Games Press & Kalypsomedia

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