Rage In Peace – Nintendo Switch Review

Rage In Peace – Nintendo Switch Review

So one day you wake up, going about your day as normal until you are greeted by the grim reaper himself. Death informs you that you will die today with your head cut off. Well that is the predicament our gloomy protagonist Timmy Malinu is presented with. With no idea when, where or how it will happen you must avoid a gruesome death and realize your dream of dying peacefully in your pajamas, asleep and in the comfort of your very own bed.

With an art-style in the vein of Castle Crashers the game looks spectacular and it plays up to the melancholy mood of the game. The game almost looks hand drawn and each area of the game looks unique and beautifully crafted.

So let’s just say Rage In Peace is hard, really, really, really hard! Each stage is a brutally difficult pattern of hazards that you must learn to be able make it to the other side. Dying is important in Rage In Peace, in fact it’s the most important mechanic. The most important thing this game teaches you is: You must die to learn and you must learn to die. Years of gaming has molded your you mind to preserve the life of your protagonist but in Rage In Peace you will need to come to terms with the fact you need to die to learn where each mishap lies and the pattern of each stage.

Rage In Peace has some awesome boss fights where it continues its mantra of trial and error. Each boss encounter will push you to the limit of your patience before that light bulb over your head pings! You’ve figured it out! Hurray! Every time you overcome a level or boss you will have a real sense of achievement and be really eager to see the next challenge.

Rage In Peace only has six locations each with a handful of levels in each so you’re not going to get a huge amount of playtime unless you are exceptionally bad at it (like yours truly) but there are collectibles to pick up in each stage that may give the game a bit of replay-ability.

Rage In Peace is a brilliant little rascal of a game that will make you want to smash your Switch pretty much the entire duration of your playtime but you will genuinely relish every moment that you triumph against the game. I have managed to avoid making a comparison to that game series you are all waiting me to compare Rage In Peace to so I will end on that note. Rage In Peace is just one long Dark Souls boss fight!

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  • 9/10
    Overall - 9/10


Rage In Peace is a stressful, rage inducing romp through a beautifully crafted world and delivers one of the most rewarding experiences I have had on the Nintendo Switch.

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