June 30, 2022

Racing to your console – GRIP: Combat Racing, Multiplayer details emerge

It’s quite possibly one of the most hotly followed games within the racing genre, with inspiration coming from the Rollcage games found in the 1990s, GRIP: Combat Racing will no doubt be right at the top of many race fans’ wish list. Today the multiplayer features are being detailed for the first time. It all sounds really good too.

Coming to Xbox one, PS4, Nintendo Switch on November 6th 2018, GRIP: Combat Racing will give racing fans the chance to speed around 22 tracks whilst behind the wheel of one of 15 armoured cars. 9 different weapons and power-ups will be ready to be unleashed, ready to dish out the damage to any other drivers that may get within reach.

But what of the multiplayer modes? Today Wired Productions and the development team at Caged Element have shared the first details surrounding the multiplayer features.

Those include split-screen racing, the creation of tournaments and online leaderboards ready to be battered.

GRIP: Combat Racing offers players a unique competitive experience, testing their reflexes to the limit as they hurtle towards the finish line at over 767 mph. Those wishing to take their highly tuned skills into the PVP sphere can enjoy:

  • Split-screen competitive play in both Race and Arena modes
  • 10 Player online multiplayer with full lobby and matchmaking support
  • Full tournament building support allowing racers to combine race modes and arenas from across GRIP’s galaxy to build bespoke playlists and competitions with friends
  • Online leaderboards for Carkour and Race modes

If you’re planning on attending EGX 2018, then you’ll find GRIP in place and ready for a bit of hands-on action with split screen, LAN and solo play options all available. Will you be giving it a go?

Along with Forza Horizon 4, GRIP: Combat Racing makes the starting grid for the racing genre over the next few months look a lot more appealing!

Source: xboxhub

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