Quantic Dream’s New Star Wars Game Has Been Revealed

Quantic Dream’s New Star Wars Game Has Been Revealed

Quantic Dream’s heavily rumoured and much anticipated Star Wars game has finally been revealed. Unveiled during last nights Game Awards, the game, titled ‘Star Wars Eclipse‘ is set to take us to a part of the universe we’ve never set foot in.

Officially revelled with a slick trailer, unfortunately not much else has been revealed, but thankfully as ABG’s official Star Wars expert, I am the only person qualified to dissect this… so let’s get into it.

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Star Wars Eclipse is set during the High Republic Era…. so you can forget all notions of the Empire, First Order, The Clone Wars…heck even sand hating Jedi turned Sith as we are going to a part of the timeline never seen by Star Wars fans….aside from you know, the upcoming TV Series, the Legends, and a brand new comic series….gotta get those merch points, Disney!!

The High Republic Era comes after the fall of the Old Republic and 82 years before the Battle of Yavin and is relatively at peace with the Jedi at the height of their prominence…you know before the whole Order 66 thing, but that won’t happen till 32BBY.

The game itself takes place in the Outer Rim…an area of the galaxy seldom explored that is home to bounty hunters and smugglers…a lawless, unforgiving place….much like Scotland back in the day. But I digress.

Now, while the trailer gave nothing away, thankfully those with a keen eye will have noted several familiar species such as Mon Calimari, (IT’S A TRAP!!! probably) a Duros (Shriv Suurgav’s race (Star Wars Battlefront II)) oh and a Neimoidian (Nute Gunray) and where there’s a Neimoidian…the Trade Federation aren’t far behind. As seen in the trailer, that pesky Trade Federation seems to be causing trouble for the locals as once again their doughnut-shaped ships are under attack from several ships and also later on engaging in a huge battle.

I fear I’m forgetting something though…oh yes

Waiting for Taco Bell, Yoda is

YODA!!! the pointy-eared, backwards talking Jedi himself will be making an appearance in this game… although why the Jedi council chamber is so empty, we do not know the answer. Now bear in mind in Empire Strikes Back (The best film in the franchise don’t @ me) Yoda claims to be 900 years old… so it seems likely that he’s only a young buck (about 500) at this point…will we see his apprentice, Count Dooku, before he turned to the dark side?

But it looks like war may be coming to the galaxy as well as near the end we see what I presume is the game’s big bad guy, rising from the ooze..does this link to the soldiers and the eclipse….only time will tell.

‘An elegant weapon for a more civilised age’

Eclipse is styled as a multi-narrative action-adventure game, and the choices you make will have consequences for the entire galaxy. With new planets and species to uncover will you play the role of the peacekeeper…or will you throw caution to the wind and let chaos consume the galaxy?

Star Wars Eclipse is currently in the early stages of development…so it’ll be a while before you can brandish a lightsaber or blaster and explore the Outer Rim.

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