PVP coming to Pokémon GO

PVP coming to Pokémon GO

Social media is all a buzz with the latest announcement by Niantic.  Get ready for it Trainers…….PVP is coming to Pokémon GO.   Trainers have been waiting patiently or not so patiently for this latest roll out.  There is no official launch date yet, but Niantic has indicated “Soon” and “this month“.

Hopefully you have been building a powerful team during your journey so far because you will need it to take on other Trainers.  “Beginning this month, Trainer Battles will allow you to challenge a friend or another Trainer at any time!”  Like the friend list you will be given a Battle Code that you can use to challenge another Trainer.  Each team can consist of 3 Pokémon.  When the battle is over you will both receive rewards.  Niantic has even hinted that you will have a chance to receive rare Evolution items.


But wait, is it possible to take on a Trainer more powerful than you.  We’ve all heard of PVP cases where players were heavily out powered.  The good news here is that you must be in the same Battle League in order to do battle.  There are 3 leagues to choose from, which also determines the max CP for each Pokémon in the battle.   Battles are played in real-time and are not turn-based so you need to think and act quickly.  The team selected will be able to execute both the Fast Attack and Charged Attack moves.  Niantic has also indicated that the use of Stardust and Candies prior to the match will unlock a bonus Charged Attack.  They have even added a Protect Shield, in limited quantities, that you will be able to release to limit the critical damage received.

You might be wondering if the friends list has any impact on the battles.  If the individual is not on your Friend List you will need to be within range of them.  Ultra and Best friends can challenge each other from any distance.

Some Trainers have speculated that this new PVP mode may bring back the ability to train your Pokémon.  Niantic has brought back the training ability is a redesigned format.  Along with this launch, three new team leaders are also joining the Pokémon GO community.  Spark, Candela, and Blanche will be available for Trainers to “learn the ropes or sharpen your budding battle skills“.  You will also earn rewards each day that you training with a team leader.

“Strength alone will not ensure victory! Whether you’re battling with a Caterpie or a Mewtwo, the cleverer and more strategic Trainer will have an advantage.”

For full details check out the Pokémon GO team’s announcement.

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