May 17, 2022

PUBG Season 6 Brings Karakin – A High Tension Map

PUBG‘s Season 6 update introduces a brand new island to the Battlegrounds. There are some clear nods towards other popular MOBA’s such as “Siege” and “Battlefield”.

Karakin is a 2x2km map off the coast of North Africa. Not unlike previous maps, this one features wide-open terrain amongst a rocky environment.

Karakin will be a 64 player map. Players should expect long-distance rifle engagements in the mountains, tactical urban conflict, and claustrophobic underground combat.

This latest update introduces destructible environments letting players shoot through walls and even breaching spots for the new sticky bombs.

In addition, there is the introduction of the black zone, which takes away the safety of buildings by destroying them entirely!

The hazard is random: towns and compounds can be undamaged, totally flattened, and everything in between.

The new 2×2 KM Map Karakin.

The new update also brings a new vehicle to console players, the Motor Glider. Don’t get too excited though, there are some limitations;

  • Only 10 Gliders will spawn across the map over 40 possible locations.
  • The Glider only has space for 2 players, one for the pilot and one for a passenger.
  • To take off you must first hit a speed of 65 km/h (a lot of run-way required).
  • You will need to provide your own fuel for the glider, best start looking for those gas cans!

Survivor Pass: Shakedown

As well as all the new content we also have Survivor Pass: Shakedown.

The new survivor pass adds new Community Missions, Season Missions, and Progression Missions. Whether you have purchased Premium Pass or not, all players can join together to fill the Community Missions Accomplishment Gauge, then claim in-game skin rewards and unravel the hidden story of Karakin.

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Full details can be found here.

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