July 6, 2022

PUBG Finally Removing Random Locked Loot Boxes

Lootboxes are still a thing we have to contend with in some videogames. One of the (many) offenders, PlayUnknown’s Battlegrounds, has long been criticised for its lootbox system. The current system sees some players earning lootboxes for free. Others need real-world money. However, regardless of whether they were free or paid-for, it was completely random which one players would attain.

However, thankfully, the PUBG Corporation will be releasing a new loot system soon following the backlash. The current system sees loot paid out from a randomised pool of content. Using BP – the game’s currency – players will get either a free box or a locked one. And these locked boxes will require spending real-world money to open. The new system will see these locked lootboxes removed from the random pool.

The new BP Crates will feature the following improvements and adjustments;

  • More preferred skins now appear in lower tiers and assault rifle category skins are evenly distributed from top to bottom tiers
  • The overall graphic quality of crate skins have been enhanced to ensure that the quality is adequate when compared to the paid weapons
  • The quality of the items in the middle tiers of crates was improved and the likelihood of obtaining them was increased by about 20%
  • The probability of obtaining the top tier items was increased as well but they will still remain difficult to obtain in order to not impact the market value of the skins or crates

Beginning of the End

The first of these implemented changes will begin on 20th November with the PUBG Corp. releasing the Venetian Crate. The Venetian Crate will be exclusively bought with BP. Locked crates from random purchases will no longer be available as of 18th December.

It’s certainly a start for the end of PUBG’s lootboxes, and hopefully, there’s more improvements still to come. Check out PUBG’s blog update for more information on the improvements.

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