July 3, 2022

PS5 Reported to Launch with Next-Gen Only Exclusives.

As we enter deeper into 2020, all eyes are on the upcoming next-generation of consoles. With Sony and Microsoft’s newest toys coming out by the year’s end, the inevitable question of exclusives has already been raised.

Cross Gen Play

Microsoft recently announced that the Xbox Series X would not be launching with any first-party exclusives. Instead, the next-gen console would share releases with the Xbox One and PC.

PS5 Logo
Newly revealed PS5 logo stirs a mixed response.

Conversely, Sony’s PlayStation 5 will take the opposite approach. According to Jason Schreier during an interview with Kotaku, the PlayStation 5 will be the only play to play select first-party titles. Of course, it remains to be seen what these titles will be, but the rumour mill is already speculating wildly.

PS5 Launch Exclusives

Some of the most popular suggestions include Horizon Zero Dawn 2, a sequel to God of War, or even Bluepoint Game’s unannounced project. This may or may not be the heavily requested Demon’s Souls remake.

Whether this will be a shrewd move for Sony is as yet unclear. However, it’s hard to argue against Sony’s current roster of exclusives that call PlayStation their home. There’s a decent chance that these mystery PlayStation 5 exclusives will convince players to make the jump.

PS5 Dev Kit
Leaked PlayStation 5 Dev Kit made the rounds last year.

Sony-Free E3

Hopefully in the coming months, we’ll have some tangible PlayStation 5 revelations beyond speculation and dev kits. Some sources have even suggested a PlayStation State of Play will take place some time soon. Given the confirmation of the second Sony-free E3 event, it seems almost guaranteed.

We will, obviously, update you with more news on the development of the PlayStation 5 when it becomes available.

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