PS5 DuelSense Controllers are drifting and its a pain to repair them

PS5 DuelSense Controllers are drifting and its a pain to repair them

For those lucky enough to get a hold of a PS5 (You lucky SOB) you’re lucky enough to be able to use the DuelSense controller in all its haptic feedback glory and let’s be honest, its a sleek and sexy number.

It is, however, the latest victim to be grasped by video game controllers Achilles heel… Drifting.

It’s being reported that several users have experienced drifting when using their DuelSense controller, despite the hardware only being a few months old, with one user reporting drift issues just 10 days after buying the console.

One Reddit user posted a video showing just how bad the ‘drift’ is:

While it’s unknown how widespread the problem is, trying to get it fixed is a minefield itself.

At the moment your options to fix your controller are slim.

You can go through PlayStation’s dedicated support page for the PS5, send off your controller (at your own cost) and wait for them to send it back to you. The controller itself IS covered under warranty though and Sony will cover return cost to you.

What is ‘Drifting’?

Drifting occurs when the controller’s joystick malfunctions and sends a false input to the console, even though the player is not touching them.

Back in 2007, with the release of the Nintendo Switch going well, users started reporting that the hybrid console’s joysticks were starting to drift, causing Nintendo to not only acknowledged the problem but also offered those affected free repair and refunds for prior repairs. Both of which Nintendo still offer.

Have you been affected by controller’s drifiting? Let us know in the comments below!

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