July 5, 2022

PS4 players will be able to change their PlayStation Network name soon

One of the most demanded features for PlayStation Network has been the ability for players to change their username. Long overdue, the wait is almost over as Sony is preparing to roll out the feature. No longer will you have to be stuck with the embarrassing name you chose years ago.

A source close to Sony has stated that all the groundwork for the feature was in the 6.0 PS4 firmware update.

A history of IDs has appeared recently in the online database, and a button to “Revert Online ID.” The feature is reportedly being tested for bugs.

Kotaku, who first reported the news, have spoken to four different sources who have confirmed this news.

As they pointed out, the feature also needs to be blended into the games themselves, which is helpful for future proofing upcoming games but more of an issue to retroactively add to older multiplayer games.


Source: Kotaku

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