July 3, 2022

PS Plus free PS4 games and bonuses for October PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The Last Of Us Remastered

Embark on an emotional adventure across post-pandemic America decimated by a deadly virus, where danger comes as much from desperate human survivors as the vicious infected victims.

For Joel, every day is about looking out for number one. But when he’s charged with escorting teenager Ellie in search of resistance group the Fireflies, they’ll find their will to survive pushed to the limit.

MLB The Show 19

Join the major leagues as you play alongside the best of the best in Sony San Diego Studio’s authentic baseball sim.

Build a career in the RPG style Road to the Show mode featuring performance-based challenges, stat-boosting and mini-games. Play through a season with a blend of simulated games and key playable moments in March to October, and relive baseball history in Moments as you take control of past teams or players – from Babe Ruth to Bryce Harper.

PS+ Subscribers Can Get Lots of Hidden Gems

PS4 owners will already be well aware of the incredible PS Plus free games currently available to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

After all, Sony made such a song and dance when they announced both games last month alongside the big Last of Us Part 2 reveal.

However, what players might not realise is that there’s also a huge mix of extra downloads available to PS Plus subscribers.

Some of these are for free games, as add on’s to make the experience even better.

Other times, it’s little bonus extras for some of the biggest games released this year.

Many of these are available from the Sony PS Store. However, the PS Store isn’t the easiest experience and finding these little extras can be a chore at the best of times.

For instance, did you know that at the start of October you could download the highly acclaimed Free-to-Play game, Mobile Suit GUNDAM Battle Operation 2?
You can also pick up some extras for Dauntless , PES 2019 , Warface , Brawlhalla and most recently, the Knights of Valour PS Plus Zhang Fei Classic Pack .

Like every month, you’ve got two free games you can download right now and they’re a cracking pair you certainly don’t want to overlook.

Active PS+ Subscription Required

As usual, don’t hang about, they’re not available for too much longer!

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