Project Wingman an Arcade Combat Flight Action Game

Project Wingman an Arcade Combat Flight Action Game

Project Wingman is a fast paced combat flight action game. Developed by Australian studio Sector D2 and published by Humble Games. Project Wingman is an indie arcade-style combat flight action game.

The game is set in an alternate Earth that has been afflicted by a worldwide cataclysm centuries ago. You control the game’s silent protagonist simply known by his callsign “Monarch”, and you are a member of the “Hitman” team of pilots employed by Sicario.

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Game Modes

In the game’s campaign mode, you can engage in a series of combat missions. Prior to each mission you will receive an in-game briefing and this details:

  • story events
  • expected composition of enemy forces
  • mission success parameters.

Briefing complete? Move on to choose one of the available planes and loadout to sortie.

In the game’s conquest mode, you participate in a territory capture game. As you progress each mission becomes more difficult than the previous one. You will also find that the threat level of the enemies increases too.

Completion of missions provides you with an in-game currency which you can use this to purchase upgrades. Upgrades for existing aircraft, additional weapon options and new combat aircraft.

Unique Features

  • Fly in varied and exciting scenarios and locations
  • Engaging single player campaign
  • Over 20 different aircraft and over 40 unique weapons at your disposal
  • Fight different kinds of adversaries
  • Test your skills in Conquest mode and fight against hordes of adversaries
  • Want a different Conquest experience? – Adjust it with modifiers to your liking
  • Beautiful 3D Volumetric clouds rendered with TrueSKY
  • Fully re-bindable controls and HOTAS compatibility with DirectInput support
  • VR Support

Project Wingman is set to be released on December 1, 2020 for Windows PC

Sources: Sector D2 Humble

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