July 3, 2022

Problems Brewing with Stadia Discord Channel?

This report is pretty damning for Stadia’s Discord channel.

It seems as though the problems with Google Stadia don’t just stop with the platform itself. The community surrounding Stadia also seems to be having a spot of bother.

An anonymous source has stated how the Stadia Discord channel has become a toxic place to be. The source states how the Discord channel is populated “almost entirely [by] toxic fanboys”.

Furthermore, Google has reportedly gone further and removed any record of the launch “guarantees” for Stadia. Google seems to have wiped any mentions of these guarantees from their caches.

A link provided by the source was operational as recently as yesterday (1st December 2019). However, following the supposed wiping of Google’s caches, the link is no longer responsive.

A Commentary on the Wider Problems with Google?

Unfortunately, we are unable to confirm the content of the link. However, the evidence seems pretty damning when taken in conjunction with the source’s comments.

Apparently, anybody on the Discord channel who mentions any issues – which reportedly include asking when an issue will be addressed – is “set upon” by the rest of the community.

The source goes on to state how they aren’t sure if Google is trying to turn Stadia’s PR around. Or, more worryingly, if the management of Stadia’s Discord has simple “had enough”.

If this account is honest, then it is a worrying state surrounding Stadia. One website has already made a “countdown clock” until Google pulls the plug on Stadia. If Google does decide to ditch Stadia, it will be the latest in a long line of “killed off” products and software. If that is the case, it’s a large expense for Stadia users to plug into the system.

Time will tell what becomes of Stadia, and of the state of the Stadia Discord channel.

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