May 23, 2022

Prince of Persia remake surfaces following leak

It seems long thought dead franchises are resurfacing. Following on from Sam Fisher’s resurrection last week in Rainbow Six Siege, Prince Of Persia, Assassin’s Creed predecessor has emerged from hiding… in Guatemala.

Appearing and then disappearing (As all ‘accidental’ leaks do) on the Gutamelan retailer MAX’s online store, it looks like a remake is heading our way in November (a busy month for games). The image is from the PS3 reboot, but this could just be a placeholder image. Only listings for PS4 and Nintendo Switch have appeared so far but Xbox fans shouldn’t worry, you’ll most likely get a remake too.

Now, we could strike this off as *FAKE NEWS* however it might be real after all as Jason Schreier (A man who has informants everywhere) tweeted this:

Jason Schreier is a reliable source when it comes to inside information on in-development Ubisoft projects, so it might be true after all. We not had a Prince of Persia game since 2010’s outing ‘The Forgotten Sands‘ followed by a crude mobile ‘runner’ game, Prince of Persia: Escape in 2018, so we can only hope… only the sands of time will tell.

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