May 23, 2022

Prince of Persia Heading to For Honor for Timed Event

It may not be a fully-fledged Prince of Persia game, but at least the Prince will make his presence felt. He’ll be making a brief visit in For Honor in the Blades of Persia crossover event

It might not be a new Prince of Persia game, but it’s something at least.

As announced by Ubisoft, the Prince of Persia will be heading to For Honor for a limited-time event. Taking place from 12th March to 2nd April, the “Blades of Persia” event will stock lots of themed items and loot for players.

The basis for the event’s “Chapter One” is lifted from the game’s Dominion mode. “Ruler of Time” will see player’s Dominion teams confront the Prince of Persia. However, Ubisoft notes that killing him won’t be easy.

With extensive time manipulation tricks up his sleeves, the Prince can, essentially, revive himself from death by simply going back in time a little bit. His Dagger of Time also allows the Prince to basically teleport around the arena, striking fast and from the unseen. So, yeah, come prepared.

The event’s second chapter is currently being kept a secret but will be live from 19th March.

The event will offer players up to 26 exclusive weapons to use on the battlefield, along with new store content such as Illustrious Outfits and Executions. The rewards from the event range from ornaments to battle outfits to the “Sand Mood Effect”. In short, there’s plenty of content for players.

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For more information, check out the For Honor website on the Blades of Persia Special Event.

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