May 27, 2022

Potential Nintendo Switch Global Shortage From April 2020


Due to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, Nintendo may struggle to meet the demand for Switch Consoles in the U.S. and European markets. Since the virus has caused a decline in the availability of the switch in Asia, Nintendo released a statement claiming this will not affect North America or Europe. However, according to a recent report from Bloomberg, they predict that these markets will be affected by a production bottleneck.

This is due to limited component supplies to an assembly factory in Vietnam. Notably, one which Nintendo uses primarily to build consoles for the U.S. Consequently a shortage this month would affect Nintendos’ ability to deliver the units scheduled for April.

According to Nintendo shipments arriving in February and March won’t be affected as they have already been dispatched from Asia. However, shipments due for April may see reduced numbers but still not completely stop.

Speaking to Bloomberg News a Nintendo Spokesperson said;

“We do not see any major impact on the shipment to the U.S. currently, but we will remain vigilant and take steps if necessary.”

“It’s possible the supply would be affected by the virus if it becomes more widespread and prolonged.”

This would normally be cause for concern for Nintendo, but they also have to consider the impact for upcoming releases. With their release of the new Animal Crossing game franchise scheduled for launch on March 20. In the event, Nintendo can’t deliver during April they may struggle to maintain it’s so far successful sales momentum.

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