Post-Apoc RPG “Outta Gas” Leaves Steam Early Access

Post-Apoc RPG “Outta Gas” Leaves Steam Early Access

Good Steward Games’ Trevor Kellogg recently announced Outta Gas will leave Steam Early Access 26th March.

The post-apocalyptic RPG sees players fend off bizarre monsters and strange characters in the wasteland. Take “Full Metal” Jack on a quest to find gas in order to get to the Party at the End of the World!

With humour influenced by Fallout and exploration inspired by classic Zelda games, the heart of the game’s innovation lies in its shooting gallery combat system. Players use an array of distinctive weapon attack patterns to destroy monster body tiles. Going for the eyes reduces aim, taking out legs makes them easier to hit, and blasting away claws and teeth decreases the damage they inflict.

This simple system provides exciting depth to turn-based combat the likes of which you’ve never seen before. Outta Gas boasts over 70 intriguing monster designs and more than 25 upgradeable weapon patterns.

Who Is Trevor Kellogg?

Trevor Kellogg is a game developer living in the Los Angeles area. He is currently working on his first game, Outta Gas, for which he does all the design, coding, artwork, writing, and voices.

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For more information on Kellogg, Good Steward Games, or Outta Gas, be sure to get involved on social media. You can find them on Twitter, Twitch, or Discord. Plus, don’t forget to check out Outta GasSteam page. Again, Outta Gas leaves Steam Early Access 26th March.

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