May 23, 2022

Pope Simulator Has Been Announced

Ultimate Games S.A has revealed the trailer for the game you’ve all been waiting for, Pope Simulator!

Step into the shoes of the Pope as he’s goes about his Popey business, the game will have a focus on political and strategic gameplay.

Ultimate Games S.A have admitted the game is only currently in early development, but the trailer does show glimpses of what you’ll be up to.

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“The works on the game are at a very preliminary stage, and the first trailer has been released for illustrative purposes.

However, Pope Simulator is certainly a unique project demonstrating a serious approach to the subject and intended to offer players a lot of freedom and great opportunities to implement their own vision of papal activity in the virtual world”

Mateusz Zawadzki, CEO of Ultimate Games S.A

The Purist of Duties

Pope Simulator will look to focus on decision making and interacting with characters, as you decide on the evangelical direction of the Catholic Church.

As you can see in the trailer, you can take on all the duties of the active Pope.

Waving, directing the conversion effort and choosing to bless, rather than ignore a strange monkey faced child.

These are clearly important decisions and could impact the entire world, so here’s hoping for multiple endings and branching narratives.

Just the one robe actually

“The Pope has no military or economic power behind him, but he has other means of influencing the world, which was evident in the 1980s, for example, when the communist system in Poland collapsed.

Our idea assumes the possibility to use, among others, the so-called soft power, and – consequently – influence the fate of the world and interfere in international politics.

All this, of course, in accordance with the vision adopted by the player”

Mateusz Zawadzki

I won’t deny I’m mildly concerned by the term soft power, but I guess in comparison it’s better than hard.

The Contradiction of Fighting for Peace

Below are the main features of the game that have been confirmed –

  • Influence the fate of the world
  • Use soft power
  • Organise pilgrimages around the world
  • Help and support humanity
  • Strategically manage the Vatican’s influence
  • Fight for world peace
  • Carry out evangelistic activities

Pope Simulator is an interesting idea and I imagine there is definitely a market for this, from non-believers and believers alike.


Polar Opposite Fun

The believers will undoubtedly be interested in indoctrinating the world under one leader and the draw of a digital afterlife.

Whereas the non-believers will have a field day modding the hell out of this experience and if there’s VR support, all the better.

I’d personally love to see DLC centered on exorcisms, though that wouldn’t be for the weak of heart, based on the films I’ve seen.

Preferably more The Exorcist than Deliver Us From Evil, though that one was a lot better than The Rite.

Sorry I get side tracked with this topic, as I find it really interesting and I’m a massive fan of the podcast This Paranormal Life (just a little shout out).

Just smile and wave

2 Popes?!

Amazingly this isn’t the only Pope based game coming out this year.

We also have The Pope: Power & Sin, where you seem to play as some kind of impostor, gangster Pope.

This does seem like some strange a-pope-riation… sorry, couldn’t help myself.

The Pope: Power & Sin does seem like a much grittier version, if that’s your jam check it out on Steam.

There’s no planned release date for Pope Simulator yet, but you can check it out on Steam here.

Sourced from: Gamepress

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